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Are you aware of your rights?

As a user of the Health and Social Services network, you have rights and the Users’ and in-patients' Committees of your establishment are the guardians of your rights.

Although the law on Health and Social Services (LSSSS) enacts many Users' rights on the subject of Health and Social Services, nothing is absolute.

  • Those rights which interfere with each other must be exercised within the limits applicable by legislation, the constraints imposed by management and the limit imposed by the budget.
  • Moreover, these rights must be exercised in a judicious manner and be respectful of other Users’ rights.
  • Users’ rights are the raison d’être of the Users’ and in-patients’ Committees just as the raison d’être of the services provided by Health and Social Services is the person who requires these services.

The content of this text, as well as its distribution, does not constitute any formulation, opinion nor judicial advice whatsoever. At the same time, the content of this text does not constitute any policies or directives on the part of any governmental or non-governmental organism whatsoever.

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